Dog walker in Clevedon

Hi, I am Dog Walker Andrew and run a local dog walking business in Clevedon.

I am full insured and am DBS checked, plus help out at a local school for their D of E Expeditions. I have lived and worked in Clevedon since 2006.

I have owned and looked after dogs all my life, and as a keen walker and a massive dog lover, I am a fun yet professional dog walker for the Clevedon area.

I can walk both on and off the lead, with a great deal of care and attention, and if required can bring my labrador dogs along too, for extra training being in group surroundings.

Puppy Walks

We all love them!! but puppies need a little more care and attention in the early months of their lives. From using a crate to buying the flea spray, worming tablets and tick removal tools. I am on hand to help along the way. Normally start with a 30 minute walk for the first few months then lead onto the full hour thereafter.

Large Dog Walks

Walking large dogs is not for everyone, especially if they are young or not very good in a group. After having lots of experience with larger dogs in my life I feel comfortable with them and can sometimes (Depending on which days you require a walk) can offer a 1-2-1 service for the same fee.

Small Group Walks

I like to keep things simple, so I only ever walk in small groups of 3 or less. This allows me to bond with your dog, while it makes new friends and not be overwhelmed. (if you require your dog to socialise I can bring one or more of my own dogs too) This also allows me to do both on and off lead walking and travelling by car.

Taking care of your dog

My walks are taken in the Mornings, Afternoon and Evenings from Monday to Friday (sometimes weekends). Each walk is normally at a different location, as Clevedon have so many beautiful walks to choose from. I offer a door to door pick up and drop off service which will normally be an hour in total. My fee is £10 per walk per dog, and you can choose what time bests suits your needs

I would first like to visit you and your dog at your house, before any walk takes place.


Clevedon is situated just off the M5 and is a historic village, where old meets new in almost every part of life, from modern glass roof houses on hill road to Victorian masterpieces along the town centre. With the oldest cinema in the town to the oldest pier out on to the channel, Clevedon is full of character and charm that would make anyone with some extra time want to explore.

Same can be said for the views and walks around Clevedon with at least 7 dog walking paths and wood trails to choose from, we are very lucky to have such a choice. Dog walking in Clevedon allows me to enjoy all the natural beauty that Clevedon has to offer.

Poets Walk Clevedon

This 2km walk around the rim of Wains hill and with beautiful views across to Wales, offers lots of different sniffs and exercises for any type of dog, from pleasant footpaths to woodland hikes depending on your dogs ability. This dog walking route in Clevedon is one of my favourites.